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A seed drill is a sowing device that precisely positions seeds in the soil and then covers them. Before the introduction of the seed drill, the common practice was to plant seeds by hand. Besides being wasteful, planting was very imprecise and led to a poor distribution of seeds, leading to low productivity. Jethro Tull is widely thought of as having invented the seed drill, though earlier the Sumerians used a single-tube seed drill, and the Chinese had also used a multi-tube seed drill. The use of a seed drill can improve the ratio of crop yield (seeds harvested per seed planted) by as much as nine times.

The following is the 2BM-4 penumatic seeder information and features with Chinese brand "Zoomlion" (a famous seeder producer)which was set up in 1992.


1.High seeding rate

2.Accurate seeding

2BM-4 Penumatic seeder2BM-4 Penumatic Seeder


Products Features of 2BM-4 Penumatic seeder:

Mainly for sowing corn, it can also be used for sowing bean, cotton, peanut and rape

It can complete spreading the basis fertilizer, sowing, doing earth up and suppression at one time

Detailed features as below

1. The seeding unit can seed exactly, the rate of quantity of seeding seeds can reach more than 80%

2. It can seed in a high speed, the speed of seeding can reach 8km/hr when the planting spacing less than 20cm

3. Accurately seeding planting spacing, even seeding, reduce the competition of the seeding growing, the growing of the seeding in better and the output of the crop in high

4. The two kinds of seeder unit can be used on the seeder, the one is for single seed, other one is for double seeds, when your seeds is better, you may chose the seeder with seeder unit of single seeds for seeding in precision (one hole one seeds), if the seeds is general seeds, you may chose the seeder with seeder unit of double seeds (one hole two seeds)

5. The transmission axles of each row are contacted as a whole, driving with consistent turn speed, the transmitting power is strong, even though one of the rows' ground wheel slips suddenly, which can not affect the normal sowing

6. The seeders' planting spacing of the whole seeder can be changed by a gearbox, which can provide four kinds of rows spacing, the whole seeders' planting spacing of each row can be changed as long as changing the transmission ratio of gearbox

7. All the gears in gearbox are made of the best steel carburized, all the transmission components were put to use the quality of rolling bearing, reliable performance


Technical Data of 2BM-4 Penumatic seeder:[Back to Contents]

Capacity of seeds tank(l)32*4
Capacity of fertilizer tank(l)217*4
Matched power(hp)80-120
 Fertilizer depth (mm)0-100
Seeding typevaccum suction, precise seeder
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