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Rape harvester is designed to harvest rapeseed. This kind of harvester can be divided into combined harvester and segmented harvester according to its working features .The selection for rape harvester should be based on rape cropping pattern, climate conditions, planting scale, field size and other factors to local conditions to choose suitable way of harvesting.

 For transplanting rapeseed rape or direct-planting rape, combine harvesteris more fittable, which can achieve good harvesting effect at the appropriate harvesting time;for transplanting rape, especially tall plant with high yield, the segmented harvester will obtain stable productivity and low loss. 

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During rain season or in extreme climate region, using combined rape harvester may result in risk of great loss, while  segmented harvester will prevail. For small field or transplanting rape, the combine harvester will be more convenient and is preferred by farmers.

New rapeseed combine or collecting harvester should be equipped with stem crushing device, easy to returning stem shattered.Before starting the combine harvesters,the operater need to adjust properly the cutter location, wheel position,rotating speed, cleaning air, such as cleaning sieve components and parts.

Harvesting time[Back to Contents]

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Using combine rape harvester, the whole field should be more than 90% of rape pod appearance color all become yellow or brown, full ripeness degree is almost the same conditions.Using segmented harvester, however, should be in the whole field of 70-80% of rape pod yellow, green or yellow in colour, seed also from green to reddish brown. Use windrower or manuel cut drying operations;the rape should be palced in the sun for 5 ~ 7 days (according to the weather, drying time may be extended). While the maturity reach to 95%, should collect the rape for , by collecting harvester threshing and cleaning operations.

Harvesting quality requirements[Back to Contents]

Combine harvesting operation quality shall conform to the total loss rate of 8% or less, the requirements of the impurity rate of 6% or less, stubble height should be in accordance with the requirements of farmers in the 10 to 30 cm;Segmented harvesting operation quality should be controled total loss rate of 6.5% or less, the impurity rate 5% or less, such as breakage rate of 0.5% or less.

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