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The Irish International Exhibition (sometimes Dublin International) was a world's fair held in Dublin, Ireland, in 1907, when the country was still part of the United Kingdom.

Herbert Park today, showing bandstand and pond from the 1907 Exhibition.

Contents of Irish International Exhibition

Summary of Irish International Exhibition

The decision to hold the exhibition was taken at the Irish Industrial Conference in April 1903,[1] and inspired by a small exhibition in Cork (The Cork International Exhibition) just 5 years earlier[2] was intended to improve the trade of Irish goods.[3] The leading force behind the project was William Martin Murphy, a prominent businessman and owner of the Irish Independent, Clerys department store (Clery & Co.), the Dublin United Transport Company and many other Irish and overseas ventures. Other organisers included the Irish journalist William Francis Dennehy.

People waiting to board a train at Limerick Station to the Exhibition.

The exposition ran from 4 May to 9 November 1907,[4] received 2.75 million visitors[5] covered 52 acres [4] and made a loss of about £100 000 sterling, although this was underwritten by guarantors.[3]

As well as contributions from countries including Canada, France and New Zealand there were displays of motor cars, electric and gas lighting and farming machinery;[6] fine art displays including work by Eva Henrietta Hamilton; funfair amusements;[6] a display depicting life in British Somaliland, the 'Somali village', was the exhibition's most popular attraction.[5]

Legacy of Irish International Exhibition

The land used for the exhibition became Herbert Park, but the only remaining artifacts are a bandstand and pond.[7]

Notables of Irish International Exhibition

There was a separation of Irish and British pavilions at a time when desire for Home Rule for Ireland was becoming more vocal, and some years before a declaration of independence and secession of the Irish Free State from the United Kingdom.

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